Fostering Female Entrepreneurship Mindset

The alarming unemployment rate among women at risk of social exclusion in all countries involved in the project are well-known.

Taking the figures into consideration, empowering women through training/upgrading professional skills appear to be a good solution to handle the problem. By doing so, more entrepreneurial attitudes can be promoted because they not only help to achieve concrete entrepreneurial activity but also enhance people’s employability especially women at risk of social and economic exclusion, who are the final beneficiaries of the project.

Furthermore, by giving women the means and opportunities to overcome their personal, profesional and financial situation will help to reduce the gap between female entrepreneurs and their male counterparts.


FFEM Project aims at promoting and enhacing entrepreneurship and self-employment by developing a training programme for women at risk of social and economic exclusion.

To do so, it is required to provide not only them but also adult professionals (trainers, teachers, social workers, social educators, etc.) with related supporting material which will foster (transfer and) acquisition of knowledge and competences.


  • Alarming unemployment rates
  • Lack of basic knowledge on how to start and run a business
  • Lack of entrepreneurial competences
  • Lack of entrepreneurial promotion
  • Some interesting differences between female entrepreneurs and theiy male counterparts.


  • To reduce unemployment levels in our target groups by providing them with the necessary entrepreneurial skills, information and support in self-employment and business creation.
  • To develop a training for both women at risk of exclusion/nascent entrepreneurs and for adult professionals to equip them with material on how to “Forster Female Entrepreneurship Mindset”
  • To promote entrepreneurship education and social entrepreneurship among women at risk of social exclusion.
  • To balance differences between women and men.